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Welcome to the NEW Trestles Clothing Company! We are a small business & Filipino-woman-mother-of-2 owned Beach Boho Clothing Boutique based in the beautiful surf city of San Clemente, California. I graduated from CSUN with a Bachelors Degree in Fashion Merchandising. I’ve been designing my dream store in my head for over 30 years.  Here's why it took so long to open my store...

When my son Jimmy entered first grade about 14 years ago I wanted to find a fun job while he was in school full time.  Off and on I dabbled in selling vintage home decor, my crafts, interior design and reselling my Free People/Anthropologie clothes until he graduated from high school in 2020.  During covid, I decided to start my own website and took an e-commerce online class.  Once a year (for 3 years), I had Pop-Up sales in my garage in San Clemente and in my brother's back yard in Pasadena.  This test marketing phase of my business proved that people "digged" my style. 

After my inventory got out of control in my garage, I set out to find a retail store in downtown San Clemente.    Realizing how hard it was to get a store front on busy Del Mar Ave., I settled into an amazing spot in a beautiful Spanish Building with 40 foot ceilings behind the main drag and created Trestles Clothing Company, LLC.  When locals and tourists found us, they loved us!  They appreciated our store's "Hippie-Vibe".  Less than 1 year later, a storefront on busy Del Mar Ave. in my same center became available and I thought about it for a good 4 months before I decided to move.  It was going to be a lot of work, time and money but I had to make sure I had it in me to make the move.  With help from my supportive husband Kirt and kids Ally & Jimmy, my brothers Doug (Tisoy), Doug (Lyndon) & Doug (Hubert), Handy Dan, my best friends Suzanne, Kara, Carol and my 5 staff members, we created an even more incredible store! Together we painted, we built, we decoupaged and we organized!

Loving all things vintage, our boutique is a feast for the hippie-gypsy soul.  I wanted to create a shopping experience for our customers to remember.  I hand pick all the clothes I buy from different wholesalers and manufacturers from all over the world.  The clothes I choose has to speak my language: "cool", "hip", "funky", "flirty", "classic", "different", "detail".  In turn the decor in my store speaks the same language.

All the props and furniture pieces were "found" from Facebook Marketplace or taken from my own home.  We up-cycled our furniture pieces to make it look cool and hip like the dressing room that looks like a home facade from India, the industrial carts & cubbies came from an airplane parts store, the flattened corrugated galvanized wall was from a Harley Davidson show display and the 3 window stages are from KMart Department Store.  When we sold our home in Northern California, the stager said to remove my 50 lb. cherub sconces I bought from the Pasadena Antiques Center. I couldn't part with it so I put it on the galvanized wall.  The large antique mirror, the yellow antique cabinet and huge Restoration Hardware trestle table also came from my home.  The chippy wall of French doors came from a guy moving his business and begged me to take it all!  My brother Doug (Hubbie) custom made my cash wrap desk out of the vintage doors.  Lastly, all the home decor are from past decorating jobs or from my own home.  

I do all my own advertising, photos & print ads. I have amazing women friends who help me merchandise, decorate & do my graphic designs.  I love what I do and I have fun doing it all.  To get the styles straight in my head, I name some of my clothes after my friends, family and customers (ie:  Up-Cycled Tisoy Shirts, The Lyndon Kimono and the ever so popular Hubbie Overalls are all named after my brothers.) Doing my part to go green, the next phase of my business is to create more Up Cycled women’s and baby/kids line of clothes. 


Aileen + Team Trestles 


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