8454 Belly Chain



Let us pick a cute one for you!  These random belly chains come in a set of 3 strands.  Each strand comes with various dainty charms dangling from the thin silver chain. Wear with your bathing suit, with a crop top or wear it as a multi necklace.  Versatile accessory to take on vacation to add to your boho gypsy style.
  • random with different shape charms belly chains
  • random charms of stars, butterflies, tear drops, moons, mini pearls
  • 28" + 7"
  • comes in 3 separate strands
  • wear one at a time or all together, you choose
  • can also be worn as a necklace
  • versatile boho gypsy jewelry
  • understated belly chains, belly bands

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Not what I expected

These belly chains are teeny tiny. I don’t have a huge waist but I couldn’t get them around me. Not a big deal, a quick trip to hobby lobby got me some chain extensions. Except the first time I wore them, one of the bracelets broke in a place that can’t be repaired unless I take it in to a jewelry repair shop. Pretty disappointed, wouldn’t buy again.

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